PLEION Corporate Finance - Gestion De Fortune

Business and Capital Introduction

Whether you are looking to expand your network and find new commercial opportunities or to grow your business, PLEION Corporate Finance Ltd finds and introduces you to the right persons. Together, we review and develop your strategy and market your activities with a view to attracting investors’ interest and obtaining business introduction.

We bridge the communication between you and carefully selected members of our network, including senior-level corporate and individual investors in local and global markets. Our investor base consists of pension funds, institutions, family offices, fund of funds, endowments, foundations, as well as High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth investors. They span the globe and focus on key markets such as Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

We provide Business and Capital Introduction services to our clients and potential investor(s):

  • For our clients, we start by clearly understanding their strategy, business goals and objectives. This step is very important and allows us to provide them with tailored advice on topics ranging from corporate structuring to investor’s preferences and risk appetite.
  • For investors, we remain up to date on individual return objectives, strategy preferences and risk tolerance. We also take into consideration other quantitative and qualitative characteristics to introduce the most appropriate investments, based on their requirements and expectations.

Together with you, we develop a clear capital introduction plan suited to your specific needs.